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Product Information

Power Amplifier
High Speed Bipolar Amplifier

High speed and broadband : DC to 150 kHz / DC to 100kHz
High output voltage : - 15 V to + 60 V / -10V to + 30V
High current : 30Apeak / 60Apeak / 120Apeak / 240Apeak
Stable constant voltage operation against input capacitor which equipped with power input part of vehicle electrical and electric components.
Adjustable slew rate limit of 5 levels.
Available for 42V vehicle electrical and electronic components testing software As-161-01 (Option)

Output Voltage Output Current Frequency range
Peak DC
As-161-30/60 -15V to +60V ±30A 15A DC to 150kHz
As-161-60/60 ±60A 30A
As-161-120/60 ±120A 60A DC to 100kHz
As-161-60/30 -10V to +30V ±60A 30A DC to 150kHz
As-161-120/30 ±120A 60A
As-161-240/30 ±240A 120A DC to 100kHz

Sample of System Configuration

Arbitrary waveform editor
Other testing software
Compatible with other waveform
generators as well.
Select a bipolar amplifier that suits your application.

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