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Product Information

Power Amplifier
Sequence Edit Software (Option)

Monitoring the Sequence Execution

BP0421E is a program that supports the sequence function of Bipolar DC Power Supply BP series (BP4610 and BP4620).
It runs under the Windows operating system in a personal computer, and controls transfer and execution of data for the sequence on the BP series via USB.

Main Function

Creating, editing and saving sequence data

Transferring sequence data to the BP series

Transferring arbitrary wave data to the BP series

Previewing sequence data

Controlling the sequence run to the BP series

Displaying the progress of the currently running sequence on the monitor

Hardware Requirements

CPU: 300MHz or higher
Memory: 128MB or more
Free space of hard disk: 50MB or more
Display: should be able to display images of 1024 × 768 pixels of higher and 256 colors or more.
Operating system: Microsoft Windows 2000/XP
Disk drive: CD-ROM drive

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