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Product Information

AC Power Source
Programmable AC/DC Power Source
Other Functions

Abundant useful functions tailored to the needs of power source users are provided.

*External signal input
SYNC (synchronization of signal source frequency with external signals) and VCA (control of output voltage setting with DC signals) are provided.
*USB memory
USB memory is useful for storing and making the same setting for many power sources in a production line and reading data created by the control software.
Sharing basic parameter settings among multiple units
*Output waveform monitor
The waveform of the output voltage and current can be monitored. (only one terminal)
*Memory Functions
Stores and recalls setting from nonvolatile memory
*Setting range limit function
This prevents load malfunction due to mis-operation or other problems by limiting the setting range for the output voltage upper limit and the frequency upper and lower limits.
*Turning output on when powering up
This power source an be set so that the output is automatically turned on when the unit is powered up.
*Output relay control
A semiconductor switch can be selected for switching output on and off at high speed.
*Output on/off phase setting
The phase can be set 0° to 359° at output on/off. This function is useful for the inrush current measurement.
*Power unit energization setting
The power section is modularized in 1.5 kVA units. Power units can be set on or off to suit the load capacity. This enables efficient operation while reducing power consumption.
*Control software
Enables control of basic parameters for output via a PC, including data logging, and creating/editing of sequence, simulation and arbitrary waveforms.

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