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Product Information

AC Power Source
Programmable AC/DC Power Source

* As a power souce for production lines *

High stability for various types of loads such as inductive and capacitive loads, low- distortion and low-noise output, and a design for ease of operability and maintainability make this power source ideal for various types of production lines.
Since the 3 kVA output capacity adapts to almost all household electrical products, this single unit can flexibly support mixed production lines for various products from small to large sizes.
With sequence and simulation functions tailored to the line requirements, this unit powerfully supports improved production line efficiency and automation.

application_for production lines

* As a built-in power source for automated test equipment (ATE) *

For use as a built-in power source for ATE systems, this unit is equipped USB, RS-232, and GPIB/LAN* interfaces for external control input and output. External control with analog signals, contacts and status output is possible. Also external control of output range, voltage, frequency, etc. is supported. In addition, the sequence function in the main unit enables high speed control that is not available with control software applications. This power source is also equipped with a current limiter function that protects the equipment being tested in the event of emergencies to always maintain a stable supply of power.This unit is ideal for use as a built-in power source for various types of ATE systems for R&D andin production lines.

* GPIB or LAN should be specified when you order (LAN is not CE certified)

Application for ATE

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