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Product Information

AC Power Source
Programmable AC Power Source
DP series

DP series designed not only for performance and functionality, but ease-of-use as well

* Operability *

Using our user interface designed to have a wealth of functions without too much complexity, operation is simple and smooth.

*Operation panel
  • Enables everything from basic setting to sequence setting
  • 5.7-inch LCD
  • Voltage, frequency and other values can be called up to the screen with a single key
  • Quick and sure setting of numeric values using the keypad, arrow key and jog dial.
  • Angles can be set to 2 levels
*Remote controller (Option)
  • Performs the same operation as the operation panel on the main unit
  • Cable length: approx. 3.5m
*USB memory
Data can be written into and read from memory without connecting a PC. This is convenient when sharing basic parameter settings among multiple units, or when reading data created with control software.

Interfaces and external control I/O

Interfaces and external control I/O support system integration and automation.

* LabVIEW driver comes standard
*External control I/O
  • Enables control from a PLC etc.
  • Control input: output on/off, sequence control, memory recall (basic setting memory, sequence, simulation)
  • Status output: power input on/off, output on/off, protection operation, limiter operation, output range, step synchronization of sequence and simulation, etc.
* Specified when ordered

* Power input/output *

Power input ranging from AC90 V to 250 V provides worldwide compatibility (for single-phase model, less than 24kVA).
Two AC outlets (NEMA 5-15: for Japan/North America) are provided at the bottom of the front panel of the single-phase model.
CEE7 (for Europe) can also be available when ordering.
* Three-phase 3-wire 200V or Three-phase 4-wire 380V input are specified for the models : DP060LM/DP120LM/ DP180LM only.


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