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Product Information

Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer
Impedance/Gain-Phase Analyzer

Measurement and dat administration can be comprehensively set in one window.

# Measurement, Analysis and Simulation #

Information Area

Guidance message, estimated time until completion of measurement (remaining time), output of the measurement signal, eternal communication and input/output, status of ZGA5920 output, status of open/short correction and equalization, and detection of excessive input.


Tool Pallet
An operation pallet that has functions for controlling the software as a whole

Application Pallet
Support Pallet
Graph Details
Analog signal input monitor

left screen1 right Setting the measurement, analysis and simulation parameters
Measurement Operation Area
Display of the pallet:
control I/O, analog signal input, auto execution, and correction condition settings

# Measurement, Analysis and Simulation #

### Preparation  
# From your first use of ZGA5920, the measurement objects and measurement parameters are easily selected on the Application Pallet. The measurement, analysis and simulation windows can be directly activated whenever the power is turned on after that. Measurement support information is provided on the Support Pallet. # application pallet support pallet
Application Pallet Support Pallet
Provides measurement support information

### Setting the measurement conditions  
# Input the values in the displayed measurement parameter field.

Unit setting is easy on
the number input pallet.

### Graph display of the measurement result
  he measurement results are displayed as a graph. “Graph Details” lists all the types of graphs that can be used to display the measurement results. It’s also equipped with a graph overwriting function and a marker for reading the values.
# graph details
Graph details


### Analysis
# Based on the measurement results, the parameters specific to the measurement object are analyzed. For piezoelectric materials, response frequencies such as the resonance frequency are extracted and the piezoelectric constant is estimated. It’s possible to estimate the matching inductance between the piezoelectric transducer and the driving circuit.


### Simulation
# Simulation can be executed by freely changing the parameters. The characteristics are displayed on the graph. simulation

### Report output
# The measurement results are saved as a printable PDF. It’s possible for the user to create a PDF template file. The characteristic graph can be saved as a BMP file. report output
Report output in PDF format

# Data Administration #

### Recipe
# This is a function for administering the measurement conditions of the application. The measurement, analysis and simulation conditions and correction values can be pre-registered for each specimen to be measured, which makes it unnecessary to set the conditions for each measurement.

### Data
# his is a function for administering the results of measurement, analysis and simulation.


  • Recipe, measurement and analysis data, simulation data, and analog input data are saved in XML format, and transfer function data are saved in TXT format.
  • The import and export of various data is possible by using the dedicated utility software or USB memory.

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