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Product Information

Signal Generator
Multifunction Generator

Wide Array of Output Waveforms

Sine, Square, Pulse, Ramp, Arbitrary waveforms, Noise, DC
In addition to generating standard waveforms such as sine and square waveforms, it is possible to generate arbitrary waveforms of up to 512k words. Up to 128 waveforms can be stored in the 4M-word memory. All the generated waveforms have 16-bit high resolution. High-quality waveforms are indispensable for improvement in the repeatability (OR reproductivity) of tests.
Arbitrary waveforms can be set on the main unit, and the provided arbitrary waveform creation software “Arbitrary Wave Editor” makes waveform editing smooth.

Sine Wave
Sine Wave

Square Wave
Square Wave

Pulse Wave
Pulse Wave
(Rising/falling time variable)
Ramp Wav
Ramp Wave
(Symmetry Variable)
(Gaussian distribution)

Arbitrary Wave
Arbitrary Wave

Various Oscillation Modes

Sweep and Modulation Functions
It’s possible to perform sweeps not only of frequencies, but also of amplitudes, phases, offsets and duties (0% to 100%). In sweeping, it is possible to combine one-way or shuttle, linear or logarithmic slope*, and continuous, single-shot or gated single-shot modes.
FM, FSK, PM, PSK, AM and DC offset modulations and PWM mode are supported. Internal and external modulations are possible.
*Logarithmic mode is supported only for frequency sweeping.

Gated Sweep
Gated Sweep

Offset Modulationv
Offset Modulation


Burst / Trigger / Gate
In the burst oscillation mode, oscillation can be started or stopped at any wave count.WF1947 and WF1948 support four modes;
Auto burst: No trigger is needed
Trigger burst: Oscillation in sync with the trigger
Gate: Oscillation in sync with the gate signal
Triggered gate: Gate oscillation switched on/off by gate upon trigger
The phase where oscillation starts/stops and the level at which oscillation starts/stops can be set.

Triggered Gate
Triggered Gate

3-value Pulse
3-value Pulse
(Burst / Trigger)

Full-wave Rectification Waveform
Full-wave Rectification
Waveform (Burst / Trigger)

As Pulse Generator
You can use this waveform generator as a signal source for digital circuits or a pulse generator. The duty/time and the rising time/falling time of pulse waves can be individually set. The generator is suited to the operation testing of a wide variety of digital equipment and devices, data transmission equipment and more.

Pulse Width Variable
Pulse Width Variable

Rising / Falling Time Variable
Rising / Falling Time Variable

Rising Time (15 ns)
Rising Time (15 ns)

2-channel Ganged Operation

The dual-channel WF1948 offers channel modes of two phases, constant frequency difference, constant frequency ratio and differential outputs. Various types of sweeps are possible withthe two channels in ganged operation mode.
Each channel has a floating output terminal.
Independent output (Indep)
Two channels programmed separately.
Two phase (2-Phase)
Same frequency.
Constant frequency difference (2-Tone)
Difference in frequencies is constant.
Constant frequency ratio (Ratio)
Ratio of frequencies is constant.
Differential output (Diff)
Reverse phase waveform with identical frequency,amplitude, and DC offset.
Two Channels Independent
Two Channels Independent

Differential Output
Differential Output

Other Functions

External 10MHz frequency reference input, frequency
reference output, synchronous operation of multiple ge6nerators
A high-accuracy frequency can be output when an external 10 MHz standard
signal is input into the external 10 MHz frequency reference input (REF IN).
Synchronous operation of up to six units is possible in the form of master/slave
connections,using the frequency reference output (REF OUT) and frequency
reference input (REF IN).
External addition input
This adds external signals to the waveform output signal.
User-defined unit
The value in any unit can be set using a specified conversion expression.(Frequency, period, amplitude, DC offset, phase, and duty)
waveform monitor
Waveform monitor
This displays the set waveform.
Memory to save setting
Ten settings can be saved

Rear panel

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