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Product Information

Signal Generator
Digital Function Generator
High accuracy: ±25ppm
Wide frequency range: 0.1mHz to 2MHz, resolution: 0.1mHz
Various Output waveforms: sine, square (variable duty factor 1 to 100%), triangle (variable symmetry 0 to 100%), arbitrary waveform, DC
Arbitrary waveform editor which facilitates generation of complex waveforms (standard equipment) *
Oscillation modes: continuous, trigger, gate and burst
Output on/off function, setting memory (20 sets), Load function etc.
Equipped with USB interface
The power input is available for worldwide applications (AC100 to 240V)
Compact and lightweight (1.2kg, 93.5mm depth)

*Arbitrary waveform editor
Complex waveforms can be easily generated.
Waveform generation function
Waveform editing function
Transfer function
Display function
File operations

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