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Product Information
Lock-in Amplifier/Preamplifier
Wideband Current Amplifier
SA-600 Series

High Gain and Broad Bandwidth
SA-600 series support 4 types of gain as
10 M/100 M/1 G/10 G (V/A). With high-gain, they realize broader bandwidth than the conventional products.
Gain-frequency characteristics
Gain-frequency characteristics

= Stable to Capacitance of Sensors and Connecting Cables =
Regardless of broad frequency band, the SA-600 series operates stably for additional input capacitance of sensors and connecting cables, eliminating any concerns about oscillation. Thus almost no overshoot and ringing occur for the pulse response. With its stability, the SA-600 series enables safely use to variety of sensors.
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= Low Noise =
Not only high gain and broadband, the SA-600 series also achieves a low noise of fA (10-15) order.
The SA-600 series adopts SMA connectors for input and output with excellent shielding characteristics.
In addition, as the power supply, we also provide the low noise DC power supply that reduces the output noise to the level of 10 μVrms or less, enabling accurate signal processings of small power.
SA-600 series and Low Noise DC Power Supply
Equivalent input noise current
density-frequency characteristic
Gain-frequency characteristics

= LPF Output =
The SA-600 series is equipped low-pass filter (LPF) output, enabling the output with the limited bandwidth. you can change the cut-off frequency on the panel. LPF output
Cut-off frequency is easily set, using the switch on the panel (4 points selectable).

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