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Product Information

LCR Meter
LCR Meter

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For integrating into production lines or a sorting machine.
With measurements at a maximum speed of 2 ms and with small deviation, correction functions to suppress the influence of the cable connecting to the sample, comparator and contact check* functions, as well as handler interfaces* for automatic sorting, this LCR meter supports a variety of line needs.
*ZM2371 is not equipped.
Inductor measurement example (Cable length 1m, 2m, 4m)
Stable measurement is obtained regardless of the cable length.

For high-speed impedance measurements of lithium-ion batteries
The internal DC bias voltage of ZM2376 can be set up to
+5 V, enabling electromotive force of more than 3 V to be measured in lithium-ion batteries (single cell).
In addition, since measurements can be performed from a low frequency of 1 mHz, a detailed assessment of the internal impedance of the battery is possible.
impedance measurements of lithium-ioimpedance measurements of lithium-ion batteriesn batteries

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Support various impedance-frequency measurements
Application software (Bundled)
Software capable of setting various measurement conditions and acquiring and displaying measurement data is included.
Measurement data can be acquired in CSV file format, making it convenient to process very large amounts of data for research and development. In addition, measurement of impedance frequency characteristics is supported by means of frequency sweep measurement.
Main operation display
main setting
Main configuration screen
Graph display using Excel
Graph display using Excel
Measurement example
100 μF electrolytic capacitor 2 MHz crystal oscillator
(around the resonance point)
100 μF electrolytic capacitor
100 μF electrolytic capacitor
Measured in a small frequency step
Impedance / Phase

Operating Environment
- OS: Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit), Windows XP (32-bit), Windows Vista (32-bit)
- Interface: USB
To save settings and measured data in XLS format, Microsoft Excel 97 or later is required.

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