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Product Information

Frequency Response Analyzer
Frequency Response Analyzer

Gain accuracy: ±0.05 dB, Phase accuracy: ±0.3°
Digital Fourier transforms and a self calibration function always achieve highly accurate measurements.

Frequency range: 0.1 mHz to 100 kHz
The FRA5022 covers the frequency range best suited for electrochemicals measurement and mechanical servo analysis, allowing for support of a wide range of applications.

Dynamic range : 120dB
Auto ranging and a high resolution A/D converter secure a wider dynamic range. Measurement is secured even if a drastic change occurs during measurement.

Oscillator output 2-channel and analysis inputs are isolated from the cabinet by 250Vrms. In this way, the instrument can be protected from damage by an erroneous signal connection.

Shortened measurement time of ultra-low frequencies
2-channel synchronized sampling shortens the measurement time for ultra-low frequency ranges in electrochemical fields.

Quick switching of settings
Multiple presettings can be switched with "one touch". This stresses the importance of ease of use on production lines.

Slim case optimal for a rack system
The space-efficient case, with a height of only 88 mm (2U), makes it perfect for installation in a rack system.

Equipped with color display
A 3.5" color TFT-LCD allows for displaying measurement result graphs (Bode plots), multiple values, and so forth.

Data display software
Software for loading measurement data onto a PC and displaying graphs is included as standard. Besides display in graphs, measurement data can also be saved in CSV format.

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