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Customaized Products

Advanced Medical Equipment

MEG Magnetoencephalograph
Ultra low noise characteristics are required for the preamplifier employed in MEG. In addition, MEG is usually composed of multi-channel configuration. A differential amplifier is used for signal crosstalk countermeasure and would degrade noise characteristics. We designed our preamplifier in MEG to meet these requirements.
MEG using the SQUID Sensor (highly sensitive magnetic sensor)
Technological strengths

FLL (Flux Locked Loop)
A drive circuit that detects and controls micro signal from SQUID (superconducting quantum interference device) with high resolution of fT(10-15) by 16 channel independent ultra low noise amplifier.

ASP (Analog Signal Processor)
A high precision analog signal processing circuit which extracts information for signal analysis


 A circuit that cancels the magnetic field from the external environment which generates noise. The circuit realizes highly accurate measurement.

 A drive circuit with advanced measures to EMI, A structure with high electromagnetic shielding, a dedicated analog power supply for EMI countermeasures.

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MRI Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Ultra low noise characteristics are required for a preamplifier employed in MRI. In addition, the preamplifier should use parts that do not contain a magnetic material so that it properly operates in a strong magnetic field, and resume normal operation right after saturated with a large signal. Our preamp satisfies these requirements.


 Bias stabilizing circuit

 Active input impedance

 Ultra Low Noise
(Lower than the thermal noise of resistance)
Noise Figure: 0.8 dB (15 MHz to 63 MHz)
                       0.9 dB (83 MHz)

 Wideband: 100 MHz


 Overload Recovery Time: 100 μs

 Dimensions: 50(L) x 40(W) x 10.3(H)mm

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Other Applications for Medical Field

 Blood Test Instrument

>> Transimpedance Amplifier

 Cochlear Implant

>> Charge Amplifier

 Zeta Potential Measurement

>>  Piezo Driver

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