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Product Information

Fuel Cell Testing System
Fuel Cell Impedance Measurement System
As-510 series

Fuel Cell Analyzer As-510-4

Capable of evaluatiing fuel cells fitted with many types of resference electrodes.
Supports detailed evaluation and analysis of anode and cathode characteristics.


Equipped with input terminals for three-terminal voltage measurement (+, -, and REF), the As-510-4 can simultaneously measure the voltage between terminals and isolated resistance (IR). It incorporates new circuitry to provide support for a wide variety of reference electrode types.

NF’s exclusive step method supports IR measurement with
high reproducibility, while also supporting the current inter-
ruption method.

When combined with the optional three-terminal impedance measuring unit, the As-510-4 can measure impedance between terminals and supports continuous measurements without having to change connections.

Three ranges (10A, 50A, and 100A), and capacity of up to
20V or 100W.

More precise current and voltage settings and more accurate
measurement provide improved reproducibility.

Compatible with constant-current/constant-voltage operation,
and supports Open Circuit Voltage (OCV) measurement.

Equipped with a GPIB interface.

Main Specifications

Voltage: 0V to 20V
Power: 100W
Current: 10A (low), 50A (mid), and 100A (high)
Current setting accuracy: ±0.05% of full scale max.
(constant-current operation in all ranges)
Current measurement accuracy: ±0.05% of full scale max. (auto range)
Voltage setting accuracy: ±0.5% of set value + ±0.2% of full scale max.
Voltage measurement accuracy: ±0.1% of full scale max.
IR measurement range: 0.0000m&Mac189; to 999.99m&Mac189; (five-digit display)
IR measurement timing: Variable, between 10µs and 1000µs after interruption
Impedance frequency measurement range: 0.1mHz to 50kHz (full range)

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